Quarry Road Allotments

Legal Status of the Allotment Site

We are currently researching to establish the exact origins of the Quarry Road Allotments (formerly known as Preston Park Allotments). 

This has been rather difficult due to boundary changes and complications caused by earlier archives being spread between Durham, Yorkshire and more recently, Cleveland.

Earliest references for requests by the Allotment Association for land for statutory allotments were cited repeatedly, in Preston Parish Council minutes of 1921-2.

The decision for permanent allotments was recorded as follows: - See Ref:1

“The Council co-opted the following members of the Allotment Association on to the Allotment Committee of the Council: - Messrs Bell, Barr, Cooper and Hodgson. The duplicate copies of the lease for this land for permanent allotments were signed and the Clerk was directed to approach Mr. R.W. Hall with a view to the Councils obtaining possession of the field on September 30th 1922”.

Signed and dated 9th June 1922

John Nattrass, Chairman

Mr Hall was the tenant farmer who cultivated the land that belonged to Sir Ropner, the owner of Preston Estate.  Above notes also fits well with our own knowledge about he site history. One of our current Parish Councillors, Miss Galloway, for example remembers her father having a plot on the site in 1926.

Furthermore a lot of our existing plot holders will remember late Mr. Bell, the Association Chairman whose father is mentioned in the council records as being co-opted on to the committee in 1922.


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