Quarry Road Allotments

Potted history of the site

While we can not be certain about the exact date when the allotments were first set up, we do have historical evidence that the site was being used as allotments far back in early 1900's. The change of the parish boundaries and hence the stewardship of the parish archives means that without extensive research establishing an authoritative account will require time and effort. I hope someone takes up that challenge as a future project.

The site of about 50 plots expanded to 105 by 1975 when the remaining part of the original field were designated for additional plots. Unfortunately that demand for plots did not continue for very long. By the mid 1980's a significant number of those later additions became vacant. 

While several diehards carried on and had a thriving association (Preston Park Allotments) under the auspices of Preston parish Council, about half of the site became vacant and derelict as exemplified below (we shall see the transformation later).

The allotment site endured threats of being turned into a car park or loose its character by being part of larger Park redevelopment scheme. It was the risk of loosing such a valuable green space and the future of the site that prompted a group of plot holder to get organised and oppose the development plans advocated by the Stockton Borough Council, the owners of the land.

This lead to the formation of Quarry Road Allotments Association in 2007. It took another two years before Parish Council agreed to relinquish its responsibility and allow self management by QRAA. A lease agreement was eventually signed in June 2008.

Within a short period of time the number of plot holders on site has increased by about 40% with all the available plots being brought into cultivation and a growing waiting list.

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