Quarry Road Allotments


Quarry Road Allotments Association


(1 March, 2013)


Dear Plot Holders,

This notice is to keep you informed about the outcome of the meeting that the Trustees of the Quarry Road Allotments had with Stockton Borough Council on 28th February,2013. 

As trustees we were all served with a notice of forfeiture on 2nd of February and told that the Council would take back the lease of the land. The reasons given were that there were several breaches of the covenant and the inability of the trustees to stop the continuation of such breaches. (My copy of the notice is available for you to read if you want).

As you know we were all individually made aware of the fact that the Council had taken over the management of the site, had effectively abolished the functioning of your elected Committee and prevented the work of the Sub-committee that was already set up to deal with all the complaints and grievances. To be told suddenly that the Committee members/trustees had failed to carry out their duties when in fact the representatives of the Council had been managing the site from 31st of October 2012 until now, was grossly unjust and therefore unacceptable (at least some trustee members thought so). The acceptance of the Council’s reasoning given for the breaches would mean that the trustees would be liable for damages and could be asked to pay financial compensation. These unfair assertions were rejected and following legal advice the Council was informed of that decision prior to the meeting. 

Similar discussions and refusals of the Council's wrongful reasoning took place again on the day of the meeting. To take on a legal battle with the Council however, would mean a very time consuming and costly business. At the end and after discussing among themselves all the trustees decided that it would be in the plot holders best interest to come to an amicable agreement and surrender the deeds of our lease agreement voluntarily on the understanding that no further claims of compensation etc. could be made against the Quarry Road Allotment Association or its trustees.

While the management of the site is now the Council’s responsibility, it is up to the membership in general, to have a say in what type of a committee they would want to represent them in the future. 

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the support and encouragement given to me over the past six years as your chairman.


Unal Metti (Chairman)

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