Quarry Road Allotments

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Please note that this web site no longer represents Quarry Road Allotment holders. It is to be used for historical purpose only.

Quarry Road Allotments at Eaglescliffe lie within the Preston Park estate. The park is a well known and popular visitor attraction. Allotments are adjacent to a local wild life reserve and form part of a wild life corridor that runs along the River Tees from Stockton to Yarm, commonly known as the "Green Wedge". It borders the newly created "Tees Heritage Park". The site is surrounded by old oak, horse chestnut and other deciduous trees on three sides and provides an ideal habitat for wildlife. It is an ideal and tranquil haven for many who enjoy growing their own.

The site is leased from Stockton Borough Council and extends to nearly 8 acres. It is split over 90 full size plots. It has been self managed since July 2009. A starter's Plot is reserved for those who are new to gardening. It is intended to provide the beginners with a small taste of their own produce before deciding to be more seriously involved with allotment gardening.

A small section of the site has been set aside as a wild life reserve where a communal apiary is also sited to encourage interested plot holders to have a hive of their own thus minimising disturbance to their neighbours.

A small pond has been created for educational use and also to ensures that the well being of newts, frogs and toads are not overlooked.

Not just about growing vegetables, it is more
  • Beautiful orchids grow on our wild patch

    Common they may be but to us they are priceless. We like to preserve and enjoy them

  • Pondlife

    Resident Newts, toads & frogs are not forgotten

  • Communal Apiary

    We are aware of the threat to the honey bees. Our apiary will help to promote better understanding among the plot holders. 

  • Our primary aim of course is growing our own

    Why who said we have forgotten to mention you Ian?

We believe it is best to start young

 Preston Primary School children enjoying the afternoon, picking raspberries.

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